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EasyCODE - a success story

  • 2008: EasyCODE V8 is released. The new statecharts promise the greatest increase in productivity as everything is integrated, from the high-abstraction design, through the generation of code and on to simulation of the application.
  • 2006: EasyCODE V7.5 / SPS is presented and immediately awakens a great deal of interest. With this new version, it is now possible for the very first time to use structure diagrams in the classic SPS development environment for the standard languages ST, SCL and AWL. EASYCODE / SPS recognizes the growing convergence between the classic development of embedded electronics and the automation industry and significantly facilitates their interaction.
  • 2005: This year is devoted to product maintenance and Version 7.5 of EASYCODE. During the course of the year, the versions for COBOL and SPX are introduced and many detailed enhancements are realized for C/C++.
  • 2004: EasyCODE V7.5 becomes an important milestone in the young history of EASYCODE GmbH. A version that enables a completely different way of working with projects and teams is created on the technical basis of the predecessor version.
  • 2003: Successful presentation and market launch of EasyCODE V7.1 for C/C++ and COBOL. The courage to take a new technological approach is quickly rewarded and the new possibilities meet with great interest. At the same time, EasyCODE has laid a solid technical cornerstone for later versions.
  • 2002: EASYCODE GmbH is founded and moves into new offices in Nuremberg-Altenfurt. Here in the central offices of the BKR corporate group is where the development center and Sales and Marketing department of EASYCODE GmbH are at home. The sister company EASYCODE Inc., which guarantees optimum care for our customers in North and Central America, is founded concurrently in Cary, North Carolina.
  • 2001: With Version 6.8, BKR presents its own version of EasyCODE for the very first time. At the same time, EasyCASE V6.8 is the last version to be based on SIEMENS technology.
  • 1999: BKR Softwareberatung und -entwicklung GmbH takes over the EasyCODE / EasyCASE product segment from SIEMENS PSE in Vienna, and begins setting up its development team in Nuremberg.
  • 1989: BKR Softwareberatung und -entwicklung GmbH is founded in Nuremberg. In the years following its foundation, the company's core area of expertise lay in developments for mainframe systems. The BKR teams successfully deployed EasyCASE on these projects and became distribution partners for the software solution.

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