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Crystal FLOW C/C++

EASYCODE is extending its range of tools for efficient embedded software development and analysis with the Crystal C/C++ tool set from SVG SARC. Crystal C/C++ is available in the versions Crystal FLOW and Crystal REVS with a selectable range of functions. Dependent upon your requirements and environment, Crystal C/C++ can be a valuable enhancement or alternative for your existing IDE.

NEW: As of Version 3.60, Crystal FLOW and Crystal REVS can be complemented with data flowcharts and call graphs. Crystal DataFlow is available as a stand-alone product or integrated in the flowchart versions.

Analysis: In the basic version, Crystal FLOW can be used just as an analysis and visualization tool, whereby the generated flowcharts assure rapid familiarization with unknown files. The charts can be exported as JPG or BMP graphic files. For analyzing purposes, the BASE Edition features a very good project browser for displaying cross-references, call structures and the dependencies and relationships in the project. Simple HTML reports without graphics can be created for your documentation.

Documentation: With the Docs Edition of Crystal FLOW, you can create a project documentation in HTML format that leaves scarcely a wish unanswered in a matter of minutes. From the project logic, over flowcharts of the individual functions and call structures, through to cross reference tables and metrics in line with the McCabe and Halstead concepts, it contains everything that is required for quality assurance and maintenance.

The Data Flow Edition visualizes the data flow and the call sequence of functions in graphs similar to flowcharts. In addition to all the instructions in which objects are used and modified, these also contain control structures such as loops, 'if' queries and much more. Code coverage is just as intuitive as the option to view as many details in different expansion levels as are required.

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