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EASYCODE is extending its range of tools for efficient embedded software development and analysis with the Crystal C/C++ tool set from SVG SARC. Crystal C/C++ is available in the versions Crystal FLOW and Crystal REVS with a selectable range of functions. Dependent upon your requirements and environment, Crystal C/C++ can be a valuable enhancement or alternative for your existing IDE.

NEW: As of Version 3.60, Crystal FLOW and Crystal REVS can be complemented with data flowcharts and call graphs. Crystal DataFlow is available as a stand-alone product or integrated in the flowchart versions.

If you need a hardware-independent, intelligent IDE for maintaining and further developing existing projects, you will be thrilled with Crystal REVS. The core functions in REVS are likewise the project browser and flowchart generator. The main differing characteristic is the ability to switch to edit mode from within the view mode.

Editor: Crystal REVS features a convenient-to-use editor that will surprise you with several innovative functions. The direct interlink between the flowchart and browser allows you to move the mouse pointer from any element to the corresponding position in the source code.

Poorly formatted source files are automatically corrected and indents and logical line breaks inserted. Editable templates for files and functions are another convenient feature. The context-sensitive adaptive "tokens panel", which makes available all the possible elements from simple bracket structures through to ready-to-use comments perfectly formatted ready for inserting into charts, presents some interesting possibilities.

Perfect integration with Microsoft SourceSafe for version control is also present as are pre-prepared compiler configurations for KEIL, Microsoft, GNU and others. The documentation functionality corresponds to that of Crystal FLOW Docs Edition for generating extended HTML reports.

The Rules Edition contains a first-class MISRA C checker that checks the project files in a background process for breaches of the rules that are to be applied. The result of this check can be displayed in the view window, and allows you to jump from the line in which the breach has been reported to the corresponding position in the source code. (The Rules Edition is only available for C).

The DataFlow Edition visualizes the data flow and the call sequence of functions in graphs similar to flowcharts. In addition to all the instructions in which objects are used and modified, these also contain control structures such as loops, 'if' queries and much more. Code coverage is just as intuitive as is the option to view as many details in different expansion levels as are required.

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