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  • EasyCONN - The DDE connection tool to connect external application with EasyCODE and open their files in the same EasyCODE instance. This is for EasyCODE 9 only.
  • CPP Redoc - Documentation tool which removes source code from EasyCODE files and leaves only comments, structured diagrams and function names..
  • EasyCODE SD/DS - is offered as freeware without support. SD/DS creates communication schemes, flow charts and is for showing data structures.
  • RMECCPP - Tool for removing EasyCODE comments from the source code
  • X-Tools converter - converts files into EasyCODE format, which were created with X-Tools or X-32.
  • Debug Plugin for MPLAB X (1.85 or higher) - This plugin is used for exchanging debug information between MPLAB X 1.85 and EasyCODE. (Plugins for older MPLAB X versions can be found in EasyCODE subdirectory „Plugins”, once EasyCODE has been installed.) Description

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