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The new EasyCODE 9 for C++

Realize challenging projects quickly and reliably

EasyCODE provides all the tools you need to progress quickly and reliably from the specification through to the finished product. You will feel at home with EasyCODE right away, as you will achieve results immediately and increase productivity from day one. The unique combination of structure diagrams and statecharts is the key to projects with no overheads.

Analyze existing files when you import them

The EasyCODE project environment enables you to import files from previous projects into a new one and to examine their relationships.

EasyCODE runs an integrity and name validation when you create the information file for the browser. This gives you initial indications of any missing includes and multiple defined symbols.

All the information about the individual modules, together with their dependencies and attributes, is then displayed to you in the browser for a systematic analysis.  This means that you can see immediately which elements have been defined and where changes have an effect. Even at this early phase, you have all the information you need about your new project.

Optimized workflows with version control

The version control systems Subversion, Microsoft SourceSafe® and Microsoft Team Foundation Server® are seamlessly integrated in the EasyCODE project environment. All the critical functions in these systems are accessible from the shortcut menu, and can for the most part be automated in a convenient dialog window.

Work with the compiler of your choice

EasyCODE functions with any compiler and also supports the utilization of multiple compilers or configurations in a single project. The interface is designed to allow you to manage configurations for different target systems and import previously created configurations from other projects.

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