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Create your documentation with one click

The EasyCODE Document Generator creates seamless documentation from every software project in just a few minutes, for example in HTML format or as a Microsoft Word document. As the Document Generator utilizes the information from the EasyCODE browser database, the entire logic of the project can be mapped in up to 30 configurable chapters.

This makes the Document Generator an excellent tool for documenting existing projects. It can also be used during maintenance work to record the starting basis and then document the individual iteration steps. Not only do you get a seamless product history, you can also create a record of any changes that have been made whenever you need it.

Because documentation has to meet a large spectrum of requirements, any number of configurations can be stored in the Document Generator. These can be relate to customers, certification processes or your own needs. The scope, contents and formatting can be preconfigured for each chapter using a wide range of options. All you need to do now is to define the output language and format, and you have created perfect templates that can be used in other projects. The time required to create the configurations is a one-off investment and at around 15 minutes very reasonable.

You will quickly find the information you need in your new documentation, regardless of whether you want to see where an include has been used and how frequently, where functions are called or defined, or which sub-programs they call. Cross references to functions and callers, data and users are provided, as is a static analysis of the module, interface definitions and much more.

The Document Generator is always the first-choice tool whenever an incompletely documented project is pending for maintenance and further development or documentation is unexpectedly required. Or where speed is of the essence. Import the project, generate and document the browser information. That's all there is to it.

Document as Add-On for C++

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