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Survey your code-quality with 140 metrics

EasyCODE Quality is designed for quality and can be used for freely configurable name validations and static source code analyses. Quality is deployed at customers with security-critical applications who are subject to correspondingly stringent requirements regarding product acceptance or certification. Building automation and medical systems are the classic fields of application here. These customers define their projects in collaboration with the certification authority or QA department, and then use EasyCODE Quality to specify the name conventions and tolerance thresholds for the individual modules in metric values in accordance with the McCabe software metric concept. This provides up to 140 values, from which the metrics relevant to the project can be selected.

The generated configuration is saved at the certification institute and internally. The quality assurance caseworker can always easily verify whether the certification guidelines have been adhered to or if any reworking will be necessary in a particular area. This means that action can be taken right in the implementation phase to initiate the requisite corrective measures.
This transforms product approval almost into a mere formality. Used consistently, product returns due to non-adherence to specifications can be eliminated. Let your competitors cope with postponed product launches and the associated image and financial loss.

But even if this does not meet your needs, Quality can still serve a valuable purpose. The metrics quickly and reliably uncover potential risks to future maintenance work. Quality can also provide valuable information for the development of your employees in the team.

Freely configurable, cross-project name validations frequently help to avoid wearisome troubleshooting.

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