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Control the functional modifications

EasyCODE Version is not a substitute for a version control system. It pursues another approach, and in some circumstances it can be a practical extension to your EasyCODE installation. The idea behind Version is to compare projects solely on the basis of their functional modifications. This gives you a fast overview of how the project is progressing and shows where files, functions, classes, macros or libraries have been added or removed. The generated comparison can be conveniently inspected using the integrated viewer.

The reference database, which can subsequently be compared with the ongoing project, is generated from an existing project. The comparison can be formulated in either German or English, and its scope is naturally also configurable.

Whether software projects are successful or lead to product recalls is dependent upon numerous factors, and tools are a crucial element here. Much more important, however, are the people who use these tools. For this reason, the development of EasyCODE consistently focuses on the user. The results are function-rich products that incorporate a logical user navigation. EASYCODE® products are designed for efficient teamworking and offer support from the idea, over the implementation and documentation, through to the quality assurance.

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