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EasyCODE in an UML Environment

The decision whether you can use an UML Tool or even not, depends on many facts. When a project becomes larger and requirements are getting complex, UML can help becoming productive faster. In this case you should start modelling your project and describe it in the formal notation of UML.

UML can assist you in many ways - for others EasyCODE will still be the better choice. Analysing and maintaining an existing project is usually done faster with EasyCODE 9. Also if you do not have trained and experienced UML developers in the team. In the case you begun the project designing an modelling, there is no reason stop working in a graphical environment for implementation purposes. EasyCODE will work integrated with the most common tools, to ensure, that you don’t loose control and consistency.

Why? Not at least because implementation will require a big amount of time in a UML project too. Automatically generated methods and code bodies have to be filled with action and usually the code is not optimised. In many projects we see a break, because the engineers use external editors and changes made outside are not to be synchronized with the model. Or in another case, you have to download your application on the hardware to test and debug it - EasyCODE can act as interface in both directions and assures consistency from the model over the implementation to the documentation. Therefore!

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