Language-independent, structured, project-oriented

EasyCODE SPX is unique and differs from conventional development environments for the main part due to its editor, which presents source code in a structured form and allows graphic advanced processing. Supported by 25 programming languages, EasyCODE SPX gives you more possibilities for working in a logical and structured manner than any other implementation system. For many programming languages, EasyCODE is also the only editor on the market today that enables structured program development. And you can even use EasyCODE SPX to generate pseudo-code. For instance, if you just want to visualize the program logic to understand or document the operations and dependencies in the program.

Programming languages (Read/Write)

ABAP, ADA, Clipper, dBASE, Delphi, FoxPro, Pascal, PL/1, PL-SQL, VBA, Visual Basic

Programming languages (Write only)

4GL, Fortran, Informix, Ingres, Modula, Natural, Progress, Rochade, SAS, SBL, SCL, VHDL,
Unix-Shell, Abas FOP, MS-SQL

EasyCODE SPX at a glance

  • Project management - for the simple import and reorganization of existing projects
  • Compiler interface - for conveniently integrating all the compilers you need
  • Version control - programmable interface for integrating your VC system
  • Structure diagrams - for graphic analysis, new developments and source code documentation in 25 programming languages
  • Quality assurance - file-related base metrics for static analysis and quality assurance
  • Search and replace - available in marked sections or for global replace operations across directorie
  • MultiView - offers up to 4 editable views of a file for a reliable comparison. Supports drag & drop actions.
  • Structure list - visualizes the structure of the file and provides fast access to individual file modules
  • Bookmarks - for rapid forward-backward navigation in the structure diagram
  • Documentation - consistent, ISO 9001-compliant source code documentation
  • Language-independent - from ABAP through to X-BASE, because requirements change
  • Training times - you can master EasyCODE in just a few hours

EasyCODE SPX is also open to new ideas. The EasyCODE SPX architecture allows you to integrate your own language packages, which means that you can generate source code for any required target language. The time and effort required to create new language files is minimal as you just need to create a single configuration file. You can also integrate your own parsers to perform reverse-engineering for languages that are not supported by EasyCODE.

The newly developed project management module significantly enhances the functional scope of EasyCODE even further. This means that now, for the very first time, you can work in EasyCODE from the initial specification through to the finished compiled product.

Project management

New projects are created almost automatically in logical structures. In the case of existing projects, you enjoy the freedom to alter the project structure in EasyCODE as you like without changing where the files are stored. The project environment remains connected with the compiler and version control.

Version control

EasyCODE features a freely programmable interface for integrating your version control system. Ready-to-use integrations are available for Microsoft SourceSafe and Subversion.

Compiling projects

EasyCODE Project incorporates an extremely convenient compiler interface that can be used to set up any external compiler for the project. This interface supports multiple compilers and different configurations in a single project. This gives you a homogeneous development environment in which you can go straight to the right position in the source code when an error is registered. Not only that, but the interface can also be used to perform system actions, for example to transfer a file or create directories.

Working with source code

Dependent upon the selected target language, with EasyCODE you can read in existing source code and view it in structure diagrams, or create new files in a diagram and generate source from it. The benefits of structured programming become immediately obvious when you open, inspect and further develop an unknown file with EasyCODE.

Designing software in three-dimensional structure diagrams consistent with the Nassi-Shneiderman principles has proven itself in innumerable projects. With innovative technologies such as drag & drop, sound search and replace functions, support for modular development, switchable views, a structure list, bookmarks and integration interfaces for third-party tools, EasyCODE continues to set standards.

Analyzing complex files with EasyCODE often only takes half the time that would be necessary with textual systems. With new developments, EasyCODE contributes to quality assurance by stopping operations that do not comply with the language definition and monitoring metrics on a file-related basis. It takes over routine tasks such as counting parentheses and indents, and with its clearly defined structures prevents spaghetti code.

Documentation with EasyCODE

With the structure diagram, you have created source code documentation that is not only compliant with ISO 9001, but is also consistent with the underlying code. You can print structure diagrams directly, or incorporate them in other applications via the clipboard for individually designed documentation.

When and why should I use EasyCODE?

From our point of view, obviously all the time. Keep an eye on your day-to-day work patterns. If you frequently have to resort to pen and paper to visualize correlations in your project or sketch the logic for a function, then it is about time you turned to EasyCODE. This is just as true if most of your work involves maintenance and development.

It particularly applies, however, if you have to realize projects under deadline and budget pressure.

Return on investment

The success of our customers is the secret of the success of EASYCODE GmbH. Daily dialog with the most innovative engineers guarantees practice-oriented products and a consistently high investment security over the past 15 years. The costs for EasyCODE are usually recouped on the first project.

Short training times and fast learning curves, together with individual care packages, make deciding in favor of EasyCODE a simple matter.

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