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EasyCODE structure diagrams for Java are unique

EasyCODE opens any Java source files as 3-dimensional Nassi-Shneiderman structure diagrams. The Java source code is shown in the diagram as a structure.

Editing in the diagramm

The source code can be edited directly in the diagram. You can either carry on developing the existing Java code or start a development in the diagram using a new file. Developing code in the diagram is fast, convenient and uncluttered. Standard constructs like if-then-else or loops can be comfortably inserted into the diagram from the toolbar and then moved or copied unbelievably quickly and easily.

It just takes two mouse-clicks to enclose a section of code in a loop or another construct. The loop construction can also be removed just as quickly.

Block nesting without braces

Forget about curly block braces! EasyCODE makes sure that blocks are nested properly. You don’t have to do anything! Block braces aren’t even shown in the diagram and are automatically inserted when you save the source code. This saves time when entering code, means you don’t have to search for missing braces, and causes less clutter.

Nested blocks or constructs are highlighted in EasyCODE using a darker background. This allows you to recognize the nesting depth considerably faster and more intuitively than when using braces.

The third dimension

Structure your Java files by swapping out logically coherent sections of code to deeper diagram layers. A well-structured diagram will only show the top level when it is opened. With a double-click you can then move to one of the deeper layers containing individual functions or special sections of code. You can create any number of layers down to any nesting depth.

Uniform code formatting

The diagram is saved directly as a Java source code file. You can configure the code formatting, for example by stating the indent depth for blocks. This makes sure that your code is uniformly formatted automatically.


Structure diagrams are ideal for designing program logic in the form of pseudo code before developing the actual Java code from it in a second step.


Say you‘re confronted with a large unknown Java project where you quickly have to find you way around – then open the code as an EasyCODE structure diagram! Analyzing complex files with EasyCODE often only takes half the time that would be necessary with textual systems.


Because code constructs are usually displayed regardless of the programming language that was used to create them, structure diagrams are also extremely well suited for documentation or presentation purposes for demonstrating the program logic to non-Java experts. With the structure diagram you have created source code documentation that is compliant with ISO 9001 and automatically consistent with the code. You can either directly print structure diagrams or insert them into other applications using the clipboard.

Project management

As well as creating new projects, you can also import and reorganize existing ones.

Version control

EasyCODE features a freely programmable interface for integrating your version management system. Ready-to-use integrations are available for Microsoft SourceSafe and Subversion.

Compiling projects

EasyCODE includes an open and freely configurable interface for integrating arbitrary compilers or other command line-driven tools. Multiple configurations (e.g. for different compilers and/or create modes) can be created for each project. Information from linked tools can be shown in the EasyCODE output window so that you can go immediately to the affected position in the source code in the event of a compiling error. The interface can also be used to execute system actions (e.g. copying files).

What else does EasyCODE Java have to offer?

Static analyses and quality assurance - file-related monitoring of base metrics
Search and replace - either in marked sections or globally across directories
MultiView - offers up to 4 editable views of a file for reliable comparisons; supports drag & drop
Structure list - visualizes the structure of a file and provides fast access to individual file sections and layers
Bookmarks - for rapid forward/backward navigation in the structure diagram
Training times - EasyCODE can be mastered in just a few hours

When and why should I use EasyCODE?

From our point of view, obviously all the time. Keep an eye on your day-to-day work patterns. If you frequently have to resort to pen and paper to visualize correlations in your project or sketch the logic for a function, then it is about time you turned to EasyCODE. This is just as true if most of your work involves maintenance and development. It particularly applies, however, if you have to realize projects under deadline and budget pressure.

Return on investment

The success of our customers is the secret of the success of EASYCODE GmbH. Daily dialog with the most innovative engineers guarantees practice-oriented products and a consistently high investment security over the past 15 years.
The costs for EasyCODE are usually recouped on the first project. Short training times and fast learning curves, together with individual care packages, make deciding in favor of EasyCODE a simple matter.

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