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A day with EasyCODE

...could begin in your bathroom when you pick up your razor or electric toothbrush from Braun GmbH. If this rendezvous doesn't work out, you'll get your next opportunity when you go to the wardrobe. Whatever you choose to wear, it has most probably been sewn using a sewing machine from Pfaff Industrie Maschinen GmbH.

On your way to work you'll run across an EasyCODE domain. Your car. Lock systems from KIEKERT AG open your doors. By turning the ignition key, developments from ROBERT BOSCH GmbH, SIEMENS VDO, Continental Temic, TRW Automotive and TAKATA PETRI AG spring into action and EasyCODE displays its multitasking qualities. Be it is the ABS system, airbag, steering system, motor control system, radio, navigation system, onboard computer, lighting systems, multimedia consoles or phone devices. Behind all of these things you take for granted are innovative engineers who rely on one common tool.

When you arrive safely at your workplace, EasyCODE is already waiting for you. On your way to the office, you don't even notice the building utilities from ABB or SIEMENS. Why should you? Everything just works. On your desk you find your familiar SIEMENS or Alcatel telephone, and the PC under your desk would probably not even run without Infineon components.

Most of the time we work because it's fun doing what we do. But we naturally also do it to earn money and to enjoy the pleasant things in life. Money is another important theme at EASYCODE GmbH. Whether you withdraw money from an ATM, and without realizing it rely on Giesecke & Devrient or DeLaRue, or you put your credit card on the table after a successful evening at a restaurant. EasyCODE is involved with Gesellschaft für Zahlungssysteme mbH. Europe's largest banks and insurance companies, such as UBS AG, Commerzbank, HASPA, AUVA, Schweizerische Nationale or Alte Leipziger, put their trust in EASYCODE.

And last, but not least, EasyCODE has also contributed to ensuring that something actually appears on the table because it is even active in the agriculture sector. Our customer, Mr Wohlgemuth, has specialized with his company in developing animal feed plants. And not to forget RUAG Electronics, thanks to whose commitment EasyCODE clears mines in crisis zones, and numerous other customers in fields that are no less exciting.

And when you return to your living room after this thrilling excursion, engineers from INSTA GmbH, together with their products, have already provided for that perfect, feel-good atmosphere.

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