Änderungen V 8.7.3  Changes V 8.7.3 

Changes and new features added in EasyCODE 8.7.3

New Features / Changes / Extensions

110923, 111020, 111021, 111026, 111027, 111103, 111110, 111108, 111111
CodeInfo / CodeCompletion for C and C++


  • In recognition of typedef's.
  • In stability and speed of recognition of variables.
  • In recognition of source file dependencies, so that CodeCompletion is available in some additional situations now.
  • Optimization of performance when accessing the contents of the CodeInfo box.
  • To provide always the maximum of possibly available data in CodeCompletion, in new projects BrowseInfo will include now be default also unused types, classes and macros.
    When opening an existing project, EasyCODE checks if the project options „Include all typedefs/classes/macros, unused too“ are enabled. If not, a message box appears asking if the user wants them to be enabled automatically.

Additional Functionality:

  • In the edit box, when entering a function call:
    On typing an argument, a list of all identifiers known within the project will be shown.

  • In the edit box, when entering a function call:
    After typing a comma inside the argument list, the list of corresponding functions will be shown again in the CodeInfo box.
    (Constraint: Only if all arguments on the left side of the comma are valid identifiers.)

  • When typing blanks while the CodeInfo box is shown, the box will remain open.
    (Optional; to be set in the CodeInfo settings dialog.)

  • While the CodeInfo is shown:
    Ctrl+C copies the highlighted text section of the selected list item to the clipboard; but only if the item is "full-selected", i.e. not only framed.
    Otherwise the default handling for Ctrl+C takes place.


  • For text input of the following form, CodeCompletion was not available up to now:
    int CClassX::
    This bug has been fixed.
  • An application crash in CodeCompletion has been eliminated.
    The crash occurred with text input of the form „CClassX::“ if the class contained subclasses.
Edit box in structograms and statecharts

An application crash occurred when edit boxes had been opened for two structograms or statecharts, then the last opened edit box was closed and after that, in the other edit box an identifier was selected by double-click.

Statecharts: Codegeneration

For each state that includes another statechart:
The paths of the files generated from the included statechart will be exported to XML no longer only in absolute, but also in relative form (relative to the current statechart file).
While the absolute paths are stored in the XML elements TARGET_FILEPATH1 and TARGET_FILEPATH2,
the relative paths are stored in TARGET_FILEPATH1_RELATIVE und TARGET_FILEPATH2_RELATIVE.
(To be found in sections //STATE/EXTERNAL_SUBMACHINE of the XML tree.)
The source code generation scripts statemachine_h.xsl, statemachine1.xsl and statemachine1.cs have been modified (for the versions C and CPP) in order to use the relative instead of the absolute paths.

Statecharts: XML Export

For transitions connected by junctions, from now on their child element EVENT will export also its attribute disabled.
<EVENT type="signal" disabled="1">

SPX: Code generation

A new generation option has been added:
In the configuration file, section GenOption, setting the entry bDontSaveEmptyCase to true will prevent EasyCODE from saving empty switch-case elements.

Structograms C/C++: Parser and Save routine:

A rarely occurring code construction caused EasyCODE to display wrong line numbers in the structogram.

Structograms C/C++: Parser and Save routine:

In version 8.7, EasyCODE added some needless section separations at specific structogram positions.

Structograms C/C++: Edit box

The bug occured when selecting a single word in conjunction with CodeCompletion.

Structograms C/C++: Edit box

Improvement of stability in general.


The bug occurred when saving modified scripts.
From now on, if the script to be saved is empty, the corresponding file (e.g. OnBeginOpenDocument.cs) will be deleted.


An option concerning the installion of prerequisites has been added:
The .NET 4.0 installation and similar can be disabled if the user is sure that it has been installed already. As a side effect, this makes it possible to execute the setup in silent mode.

110923-07, 111027-01, 111110-01, 111111-01, 111111-03, 111111-04

Several minor changes and bugfixes have been done in the following domains:

  • Windows Registry access
  • Checking the installed .NET versions
  • Loading projects
  • Dialog surfaces for project management, automation, CodeCompletion, BrowseInfo


New Features / Changes / Extensions in EasyCODE version 8.7:

CodeInfo / CodeCompletion for C and C++

This is a first version of a system that provides you - while working in C/C++ structograms - with information on the code at the current cursor position.
Details in chapter 9.7.

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