Änderungen V9 Changes V9 

Changes and new features added in EasyCODE 9

Bug Fixes & Changes from EasyCODE V8.7 to 9


  • All toolbar icons and symbols in dialogues have been modernized
  • The docking behavior of dockable windows has been improved. There are also docking helpers now while docking a window.
  • The default style of the main windows, project window and the output windows has been modernized. This style is also customizable in the menu “View->Skins“
  • This styles changes have been made for nearly every window and dialogue in EasyCODE
  • The presentation of the structure diagram has been slightly adjusted.
  • The standard font of the structure diagrams has been changed from „Tahoma“ to „Segoe UI“.
  • New Startup Window to open your recent files and projects quicker. You can also create new projects and files from the startup window.
  • Search in Files: In the search in files dialogue you get now the last used search path instead of the path of the currently active file.


  • The ECConfiguration component has been made new from the scratch. You can now start it from the EasyCODE options menu with the menu point: “Language-specific structogram settings“

Code Completion

  • The persormance of the code completion parser has been improved.
  • The rate of recognition of the code completion has been improved by a big degree. Especially typedefs should be recognized much better now.

Structure Diagrams    

  • To reduce or increase the font size you can use some new key combinations:

    • Increase font size: +      (num block), Ctrl + (alphanumeric block)
    • Decrease font size: -      (Num block), Ctrl - (alphanumeric block)
    • Increase font strength: Shift +      (Num Block), Ctrl Shift + (alphanumeric block)
    • Decrease font strength: Shift -      (Num Block), Ctrl Shift - (alphanumeric block)

  • Preprocessor elements: removed some minor drawing problems and changed the appearance

  • The Buttons on code folding elements(„push down“ have been reworked:

    • There is a new button to go into a certain level (Arrow down-right).
    • There is now a Push Up button with a plus symbol.
    • New button icon in the upper left of a level that fits the design of the other ones.

  • The logic oft he level and comment elements has been reworked. level -> comment elements : result will only be selected if the base element was selected, too.
  • The page seperation line is now invisible by default.
  • If a structure diagram element is selected when you select a item from the insert menu or toolbar the element will be inserted directly after the currently selected item. If you hold the ctrl key it will be inserted before the current item. You can change this behavior at the menu „Options->structogram settings->editing“
  • Levels can now be expanded in EasyCODE SPX and COBOL, too.
  • There are some new elements in the „Edit“ menu: "Expand all level elements" and "Collapse all level elements"
  • The background of inactive structogram-window-splittings has been desaturated to make it better readable on low-contrast monitors. It is also possible to disable this background in the registry at: „HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/EASYCODE Inc./EasyCODE/9.0.0/Components/Application/bDrawPatternForInactiveView“. Do deavtivate this pattern set this key to 0.
  • CPP-Parser: In some rare occasions some commented out source code lines have been ignored from the parser. After saving a file this code line was lost. This has been fixed.

Structure Diagrams - PrettyPrinter    

  • Some bugs in the source code layout dialogue have been fixed.

Structure Diagrams - Code Generation

  • Some if then else layouts were not saved exactly as defined in the source code layout. This should work now properly.


  • Colors of transitions and the background color have been adjusted slighty.
  • The Simulation-Controller uses the new EasyCODE Design and skins now, too.
  • The names of states are now bold and the font size is one degree bigger, than the standard font.
  • The name-font of the statechart is now italic.
  • Fixed a bug in the code generation script which led to the execution of - for example - the transition EVENT_X in super states, of the current state machine/state if there is a transition with the same name.
  • The UML expects that internal transition overwrite transitions of super state. We changed this behavior to fulfill the UML requirements.
  • There was a bug in the code generation: DeepHistory was not working properly in included sub statemachines. The old active state was not recovered correctly  in included sub-statemachines.

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