Änderungen V9.3 Changes V9.3 

Changes in EasyCODE 9.3


EasyCODE runs under Windows 10

EasyCODE 9.3 runs and was tested under Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Designation of default branch in switch-case branches now adjustable
The designation of the default branch in switch-case elements can now be adjusted in the configuration file by setting "default" under "keywordstrings".
Example: “default=defaultText”.
The default value remains “default”.
If this entry does not exist in your configuration file, everything remains unaffected.

Code completion can now be activated/deactivated via a keyboard shortcut

Code completion can now be activated or deactivated using the keyboard command Ctrl+Space.
After executing this command, the current state (active or inactive) is displayed temporarily in the status bar.

The language (German/English) can be determined for each instance

Calling EasyCODE with command line parameter "LANG=ENU" or "LANG=DEU" enables the user to specify individually for each EasyCODE instance the language to be used (English or German).
(Affects the majority of texts in EasyCode, but not all - some components are left out.)

Function „Search/Replace“ always available

The functions "Search in Files" and "Replace in Files" are now also available when no file is open in EasyCODE. In this case, the corresponding menu items are located in the "File" menu.

Project path as search path for „Search/Replace in Files

When a project is open, the dialogs "Find in Files" and "Replace in Files" offer the project path as search path.

Metric lights are displayed in the status bar

In the status bar there is again - similar to EasyCODE versions 7.x and 8.x - a metric display: For each metric, a red, yellow or green colored indicator signals whether the current metric value of the structogram or the selected section is acceptable.

Revised icons for version control system

Some of the icons for displaying the file status with respect to the version control system have been revised.

No more delays when switching between documents or applications

When the user switches from another application to EasyCODE, or when he switches between EasyCODE documents, it is checked whether the active document has been changed by another application in the meantime. For this check a file access must take place. If this access is made via a slow network, it can cost a lot of time and affect the work with EasyCODE. Therefore, if such a file access takes longer than 3 seconds, now a message appears, with the option to turn off the checks. In addition, a corresponding checkbox was added under menu "Options > Structogram Settings > Open/Save> Miscellaneous".



Metric settings

Changes to the metric settings were sometimes not saved.

Crash when adding/removing bookmark

There was a crash when toolbar button "Add/Remove Bookmark" would be pressed twice without changing the selection in the structogram.

Displaying bookmarks

Bookmarks were partially not shown in the structogram.

Memory protection faults in file selection dialogs

Sporadic memory protection faults in file selection dialogs have been eliminated.

File names when searching in project

The search in the project now no longer causes file names to be displayed completely in lowercase when opening a search result. Even when you save a so opened file, the file name retains its upper and lower letters.

Document name in „Views“ window

When saving a new document or an existing document under another name, the document name was not updated in the "views" window.

C/C++ structograms: Assignment interpreted as function name

When reading C/C++ code: In statements that match the following pattern (and are very rare), EasyCODE interpreted the "=" wrongly as a function name:

Incorrect reading of OTHERWISE branches from ETF files

When reading structograms from ETF files, the content of the OTHERWISE branch in a CASE element was incorrectly enclosed with an "Of <value>" element.
In consequence, every time such a structogram was saved in the ETF format, another enclosing "Of <value>" element was added.

No function arguments for code completion in C/C++ structograms

When working within a global function, the function's arguments were not shown in the selection list for code completion.

Code Completion was enabled even if C/C++ component wasn’t installed

The module "Code Completion" is now activated only if the C/C++ component is installed.

Code Completion showed also elements that didn’t belong to the current scope

The drop down list that appears in a C/C++ structogram when the user begins to type an identifier, now no longer contains any elements that do not belong to the current scope (e.g. members of foreign classes).

License Overview

Despite successful licensing with a C# network license, in the license overview following error message was shown behind "SPX, Java, C#": "Not licensed/not available(network license)".

Licensing / License check

Under certain conditions, when opening a file or when trying to re-license, the error message "The license file was manipulated ..." appeared, although previously licensed successfully.

Saving a statechart

There was a crash when trying to save a statechart without having licensed the statechart component.

Doxygen Comment Configuration

In the dialog "Doxygen Comment Configuration", the selection in the combo box didn't correspond to the comment displayed below.

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