Änderungen V9.3.3 Changes V9.3.3 

Changes in EasyCODE 9.3.3


User-defined Build: Macros for Author and Company

There are 2 new edit fields in menu Project > General Settings for Projects > Character Strings to set the author and company name. These values can be used in the User-defined Build via macros %USERNAME% and %COMPANY%.

Improvements in Code Completion

The keyboard command Ctrl+Space now calls a context check and displays possibly the Code Completion window.

The Code Completion only displays members and types that match the first inserted character. No further filtering happens on input of a second character. The selection still changes to the best match, though.

As of popular demand we've changed the behaviour of the code completion list box control on pushing the arrow-left and arrow-right keys on the keyboard. Instead of selecting the previous or next element in the list the control will now be closed to move the cursor according to the user input.

Convert many files from ETF to SPX

It's now possible to convert multiple ETF files into the SPX Format with a command line call.
The parameters are
E2SI="c:\input path"
E2SO="C:\output path"

For example:

EasyCODE.exe E2si="C:\etf" e2So="C:\spx"
The parameter E2SO (output path) is optional. If it is not given, the files will be saved in the E2SI (input) path. If the output path does not exist, it will be created.

On doubleclick in the structogram’s edit box: Optionally ignore umlauts as word delimiters

It’s now possible to ignore umlauts as word delimiters (i.e. to treat them like normal characters) when doubleclicking in the structogram’s edit mode by activating the option "Ignore umlauts as word delimiters on doubleclick” in the Options menu under Structogram Settings > Editing.

After pasting multiple structogram elements, select all

After pasting multiple structogram elements from the clipboard or moving them, all affected elements are selected now.

SPX Structograms: When generating, let the generated file automatically be added to the project

When generating code from all the SPX documents of the current project (via Userdefined Build or Automation interface), the generated files may now automatically be added to the project.
The desired behavior is defined by the setting under Project > General settings for projects ... > Miscellaneous.

SPX Structograms: Generate from Windows Explorer

It's now possible to start the SPX file generation from Windows Explorer via context menu command "Generate with EasyCODE".

SPX: Configuration file for abas ERP is also installed

In the EasyCODE setup, now also the configuration "abas ERP" is available for the SPX component.
This makes it no longer necessary to specify the abas configuration file manually in the language settings of the EasyCODE editor.

In "Search & Replace" can now also be searched without case sensitivity

Searching and replacing text in structograms: The search can now also be carried out without regard to the upper/lower case of the characters; there is now a corresponding checkbox in the "Replace" dialog.

Special treatment when searching/replacing with a regular expression:

If the user has enclosed the search pattern in slashes, as required for a regular expression, the checkbox is not considered; in this case, the search will be done case insensitively only if after the last slash the "i" option is specified.
Conversely, if the user has not specified the slashes, these are automatically added, including the "i" option if the corresponding checkbox is unchecked.

Subversion Menu: Added commands "Lock File" and "Unlock File"

It’s now possible to lock/unlock files in the context menu of an EasyCODE project’s Subversion extension (Get Lock, Release Lock).
Additionally there is a new option in the Subversion settings to automatically unlock a file whenever it is changed.

Furthermore, the Subversion icons have been revised. The green version is now a bit lighter colored to make it easier for colorblind people to distinguish it from the red one. And there is now also a small "lock" symbol displayed if the file is write protected.


SPX: Error copying/pasting between 2 EasyCODE instances

Fixed a bug that occurred when copying elements like switch/case-like constructs between 2 instances of EasyCODE. An additional, unwanted case element was added to the default tree which could lead to compiler errors.

Under Windows 8 and 10, the installation guide could not be opened

It is now again possible to open the installation guide during the installation from DVD under Windows 8 and 10.

In an IF-THEN-ELSE element within the condition, an AND/OR element could not be marked with the mouse

An error was corrected that led to an incorrect calculation of the size of the edit box in AND/OR elements. It was not possible to select or change text anymore in this case.

Error in Eclipse integration

There were problems opening EasyCODE documents in Eclipse and with the menu integration.
Here a revision took place.
The bugfixes were tested under Eclipse Luna and Helios: In Eclipse Luna EasyCODE structograms and statecharts can now be easily opened. Helios on the other hand seems generally to have problems with the Active Document technology, since also documents from other applications (e.g. Microsoft Office) cannot be opened without problems.

Search in Project (Ctrl+J): Files extensions are no longer case sensitive

Using the “Search in Project” function (Ctrl+J), file extensions are no longer considered case sensitive. If you search for example with the wild card “*.c”, files with the extension “.C” will also be considered.

Search & Replace“ removed line feed character at the end of the source code file

When using function „Search & Replace“, if a line feed character existed at the end of the source code file, it would be removed. This is no longer the case.

Within commented-out areas, it was not possible to move structogram elements

Structogram elements can now be moved also within commented-out areas.

C/C++ and PLC structograms: Crash in clipboard paste

After trying to insert the contents of the clipboard at an illegal position in the structogram (acknowledged with an error message) and subsequent undo operations, crashes occurred in certain constellations.

C/C++ structograms: Crash when doubleclicking on #ifdef alternative

Doubleclick on the keyword of a selected #ifdef alternative caused a crash.
This problem has now been fixed.

C/C++ structograms: Crash when opening the edit box

In function constructs in C/C++ structograms, while Code Completion is enabled:
Depending on the structure of the comment that possibly precedes the function signature, it happened that the application froze when doubleclicking on the head text of the function construct.

Function „Replace": Window does not retain its position

"Replace" in the structogram: Even if the user changed its position manually, the small "Replace" window (including the "Next" button) always moved back to the screen center.

Subversion connection: Effectless setting

Even if the option "Commit when closing the file" was activated, the code was only committed when you quit EasyCODE.

Connection to version management system was not limited to one project

The connection to a version management system was previously - although in the project settings to change – activated or deactivated for all projects at the same time.
Now each project stores whether it has a VCS connection: It is now saved in the project file if the source code management extension (for SourceSafe, TFS or Subversion) is activated.

SPX needed a lot of RAM for large files

EasyCODE SPX now needs noticeably less memory to load bigger SPX files.

Structogram: The modified flag ("*") was sometimes set incorrectly

If a structogram failed to save because of "access denied", then the modified flag ("*") was no longer set afterwards.

Error while printing a structogram with deeper levels

Only the first deeper level was printed, the following ones were not.

Search & Replace

Several users reported sporadic malfunctions during Search & Replace in structograms; e.g. no search results were displayed, although they existed. However, since most of these errors were difficult to reproduce, the function was generally revised and improved, particularly with respect to memory management.

Increased memory address space

If several extremely large structograms were opened simultaneously in EasyCODE and large parts of these structograms were copied via clipboard, the limit of available memory could be reached, which then resulted in misbehavior. This mainly concerned SPX structograms.
Therefore, the available memory address space has now been increased so that EasyCODE can also process addresses that are larger than 2 gigabytes.



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